Let's Go Back to the Bible

Keep focused

The Bible draws a sharp distinction between that which is “temporary” and that which is “eternal.” Unfortunately, we have a hard time keeping that distinction clear and foremost in our minds. It is so easy to get “fixed” on money (having it or not having it), houses or cars (having nice ones or needing new ones), our jobs (having one or not having one, liking it or hating it) or our health (keeping in shape or treating illnesses), that we lose sight of what really matters.

Paul would not let the suffering and “affliction” that he endured get his mind off track. Instead, he looked for some positive effect of the suffering, by making sure that he did “not look at the things which are seen (i.e., temporary), but at the things which are not seen (i.e., eternal)” (2 Cor. 4:16-18). The word “look” in this verse is not just a visual exercise but a mental consideration of setting a goal and keeping one’s attention fixed on it.

What’s your focus? What are you doing to keep it on track?