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PBL Church History

A History of the Palm Beach Lakes Congregation

The congregation began in 1923, when several Christians met in the home of sister Lena Eades on Okeechobee Road.  By 1925, the group had grown so that, with a gift of land from one of the members, a meeting house was erected on Conniston Road in West Palm Beach.

As the congregation continued to grow, there was a need for larger facilities.  A gift of land and money from two sisters in Christ made possible the erection of a new building and home for the preacher on North Olive Avenue in 1949.  The organization of the church was made complete on April 12, 1964, with the selection of four men as elders: Jean McMasters, Hayward Milton, Don Spurlock, and Alvin Witt. A few months later, four deacons were appointed: Johnny Davis, Bob Haines, Jerry Hopkins and Paul Jordan.

In 1965, the congregation moved into a new facility on 36th Street in West Palm Beach with 256 members.  Several men served as evangelists for the church while it met on 36th Street, and some of their names are still mentioned with fondness today, such as: W. Ray Duncan (1960-1968), Bill Hatcher (1968-1982), Dean Reynolds (1974-1998), Kerry Cain (1974-1980) and Ron Brackett (1990-2008).

In January 1982, Dan Jenkins moved here to help in personal work and began pulpit preaching in May 1982.  With many members living north of West Palm Beach, a new congregation was established in the Jupiter area in October 1984, with 47 PBL members starting that work.  In May 1997, David Sproule began working with the congregation, filling various capacities. In October 2014, Josh Blackmer began working at PBL to develop and work with the Family/Youth Program.

On August 19, 1997, construction began on a new facility at 4067 Leo Lane. Open house was held in the new building on October 25, 1998.  Five men (Johnny Davis, Dan Fuller, Jerry Hopkins, Phil Porter and Richard Watson) oversee the church at this time.  One of our elders (Jerry Hopkins) works full-time for the church.  There are presently 25 deacons and 474 members.