Let's Go Back to the Bible

Its power has not been diminished

Your flashlight doesn’t shine as bright as it once did. Your car doesn’t start as quickly as it once did. The buttons on your remote control don’t respond as well as they once did. What’s going on? We recognize the signs when battery power is weakening. It’s not always the flashlight or the starter or the remote that is dying but the battery that is powering it. Replace the battery and everything starts running strong again.

Souls are not as interested in Jesus as they once were. The waters of baptism are not being stirred as often as they once were. Churches are not growing like they once did. We might think that we need to change or replace the power source to correct these issues, but I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the power source for salvation and church growth. Its power has not diminished one iota. The gospel of Jesus Christ remains “the power of God to salvation for everyone” (Rom. 1:16). May we not be ashamed of it! May we not try to “fix” it! May we do ALL that we can INDIVIDUALLY to spread it, teach it and live it EVERY day!