Let's Go Back to the Bible

Your check engine light is on

So, what kind of driver are you? Are you the kind that when your check engine light comes on you call the car mechanic right away and take it in to get it checked out? Or, are you the kind of driver who waits to see if it’s just a fluke and it might go off on it own? Or, are you the kind of driver who has been driving around for years with the check engine light on?

The purpose of the check engine light (supposedly) is to indicate that something is going on under the hood that needs attention. While the parallel is not exact, there are some “check engine light moments” in your Christian life that should cause you to pause and evaluate. Partaking of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday is a check engine moment. Waking up every morning should be a check engine moment. Trials you encounter are check engine moments.

How often are you “examining yourself” (2 Cor. 13:5)? How often are you opening the hood of your soul to ensure its healthy, growing, focused and heaven-bound? Do you check it daily? Hourly? Or only occasionally?