Let's Go Back to the Bible

“I’m not enjoying worship anymore”

Is that you? Are you “coming to worship” but “enjoying it less”? Or, have you stopped coming because you just “weren’t enjoying it” or maybe you’re not coming as much? Over the years, there have been others in your same position. Maybe it’s the preacher who “just isn’t doing it for me anymore.” Maybe it’s the songs that “we just keep singing to same ones.” Or maybe “not many people talk to me anyway.” Does any of this describe you? 2019-10-21-Im-not-enjoying-worship-anymore

Can I ask you a question? “Why do you come to worship?” What is it all about to you? While it is hard for all of us to remember at times, the focus of all that we do in worship is for our hearts to be looking to and praising God. Therefore, my primary consideration is not “what I get out of it” or “how much I enjoy it.” Worship is an action verb that focuses on the object of that act. It may help my thought pattern to ask, “What can I do in worship to keep my mind focused on my God, and to make sure He is enjoying it?” When I truly think about the object of my worship (who is so worthy) and Him enjoying it, then I want to worship and I know I will enjoy that.