Let's Go Back to the Bible

Can You Believe They Worshiped a Toddler?

We have heard the story so often (and even some of the misinformation that is frequently associated with it) that we may not stop to consider the marvel of the event and the truly unusual things that transpired when those wise men (or magi) came to find the “King of the Jews.”

First, consider the setting.  Jesus was not depicted as a baby, still lying in a “manger” or feeding trough of the animals (Luke 2:7).  The family was now in a “house” (Matt. 2:11).  The wise men told Herod “what time the star appeared,” which may have placed the age of Jesus as old as two years of age (Matt. 2:7, 16).  He wasn’t a newborn or an infant anymore.

Next, consider the men.  They are called “wise men” (Matt. 2:1, NKJV, ESV) or “magi” (NASB).  They are not identified as “three kings.”  They had traveled “from the East”—probably from the region of Persia, hundreds of miles away, requiring multiple weeks to complete.  These men were not Jews coming to visit their Jewish homeland.  These men were Gentile priests or philosophers—religious men and studied men, but not servants of the one true God.

Contemplate what they journeyed so far and so long to do on that day.  They did not come to feast in the palace of an earthly king.  They did not come to receive the royal welcome and royal treatment of a great empire.  Their sole purpose was “to worship Him” (Matt. 2:2).  To worship who?  A “young Child” (2:8, 9, 11).  Think about that.

They traveled hundreds of miles for maybe even a month to worship…a child.  They sought diligently for this child…to worship Him.  They rejoiced with exceeding great joy at the prospect of worshiping…a child.  They fell down on the ground in humble submission to worship…a child.  They opened their treasures and gave valuable gifts to a child…to worship Him.  Grown men prostrating themselves and worshiping a child.  Why?  Because even they knew who this Child was and they knew He was worthy of all that it would take for them to come and worship Him!  What a glorious scene!

Do you know that you know a million times more about Jesus than those “wise men” did?  How “wise” does that make you?  You have the fullness of the revelation of God telling you who He is, what He did and what He wants.  What an immeasurably profound blessing!  You get to worship (not just a child) the risen Savior, who died on the cross for you, opening the way to heaven for you!  Do you mind traveling to do that?  Do you rejoice with exceeding great joy to do that?  Do you humbly submit yourself to do that?  Do you open your treasures to do that?  He is worthy!  Oh, so worthy!