Let's Go Back to the Bible

Oh my me my…What I think, what I like…what I want

A Christian leaves worship one Sunday and remarks to someone in the parking lot, “Boy, I sure didn’t get anything out of that this morning!  What was up with that worship!  It was so boring!”  A deacon gets upset with the elders and boisterously vents his frustrations to his wife on the way home, while the kids are in the back seat.  A preacher gets fired and, instead of leaving peacefully, splits the church, taking half the members down the street to his own congregation.

It sure is strange how even the most spiritual and godly people can sometimes make decisions or say things that might seem good and necessary to them at the time but can have devastating effects on others.  Too often, we as Christians get so focused on ourselves (ex: what we want out of worship, how we want to be treated, where we want the church to go, etc.), that we lose sight (unto total blindness at times) that our lives, our bodies, the church and the worship of the church do NOT belong to us and are NOT centered on us.  Everything we do and say should be focused on bringing glory, NOT to ourselves, but to God (1 Cor. 10:31)!