Let's Go Back to the Bible

Looking for a relationship?

Ok, this thought is too massive and too wonderful to fully grasp and appreciate.  For God’s children, the hand of the Lord is said to be over us (1 Pet. 5:6) and we can also fall into His hand (2 Sam. 24:14).  But, there’s more.  “The eyes of the Lord are upon” us, and His ears are unto our prayers (1 Pet. 3:12).  “He has inclined His ear to me” (Psa. 116:2).  We can be gathered like lambs in His armand be carried (like lambs) in His bosom(Isa. 40:12).  As a Christian, I might lose the world, but I can “be found in Him(Phil. 3:9).

Read these verses slowly.  See how God is personified – His hand, His eyes, His ears, His arm, His bosom, etc.  Now, look at the prepositions – over us, upon us, unto us, to me, in Him, into Him, etc.  Our relationship with God far exceeds and stunningly surpasses anything that we can ever imagine.  It is a personal relationship! Such an intimate relationship cannot be experienced with any idol or man-fabricated deity!  Only with the true and living God!