Let's Go Back to the Bible


One of the most heinous acts in history involved the worship of the god Molech, a heathen god to which children were sacrificed. It would be nice to say that only heathens ever sacrificed children to this god, but even God’s people turned from Him and offered their children as sacrifices in the fires of Molech (1 Kgs. 11:5-7, 33; Jer. 32:35). How could a people, who knew God and knew the preciousness of children in His sight, ever approve of such depravity?

We stand here 2,500 to 3,000 years later, and it’s easy to point the finger. But how many precious, innocent children (yet unborn) have been sacrificed to the god of “choice,” “convenience,” “humiliation,” “selfishness,” etc.? Why does this not sicken us like the sacrificing of children to Molech? How can a Christian (someone who belongs to the living God and claims a love for God) show any ounce of approval? How is every child of God not filled with rage at the nonchalant attitude in our society toward the crushing dismemberment and murder of little babies? Have we become numb to sin? God help us to wake up!