Let's Go Back to the Bible

My Bible scholar against your Bible scholar

We place a great deal of emphasis and trust in so-called “Bible scholars.” We entrust our understanding of the Bible and the foundation of our faith, often times, to what some educated person writes in a book or in an article. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got around 4,000 books in my personal library. I read, study, digest and consider what a host of Bible scholars have to say on Bible passages and topics. HOWEVER, NONE of these books compare to the BIBLE! NONE of these so-called scholars compare to THE AUTHOR of Holy Scripture and our eternal salvation! Thus, we must be ever vigilant!

Do you listen to religious radio? Do you watch religious television? Do you subscribe to religious blogs, podcasts or newsfeeds? Recognize that just because somebody quotes the Bible does not mean that they are speaking Bible truth! Be a diligent Berean! Search EVERYTHING you hear and read against GOD’S ONE TRUTH (Acts 17:11)! Don’t risk your soul on a possible false teacher (Matt. 7:13-27)!