Let's Go Back to the Bible

More likely to do as you do, not as you say

The New Testament places a great emphasis on both what we say and what we do. It is essential for Christians to “talk the talk,” and thus tell others of Jesus Christ and what the gospel requires of them. But, it is equally essential for Christians to “walk the walk,” and thus allow others to see them actually doing those things about which they “talk.”

In fact, if the “walk” doesn’t match the “talk,” folks will likely be more inclined to follow what you “do,” rather than what you “say.” (This is especially true of children in the home.) If you want others to know of the importance of the church, of weekly worship, of Bible knowledge, of hospitality, of impartiality, of humility, of serving others, of generosity, of forgiveness, etc., etc., a child of God must lead by “example,” that others may follow (cf. 1 Tim. 4:12; Matt. 5:16).

What is there that you feel strongly that other Christians should be doing? Are you doing it? What “good works” do others “observe” in your life (1 Pet. 2:12)? Everything we “do” should point people to Jesus!