Let's Go Back to the Bible

Looking, looking, looking unto Jesus

The inspired penman of the book of Hebrews continually appealed to his struggling brethren to not turn their back on Christ and give up their faith. As he emphasized their personal need for steadfastness, he penned the great chapter of Hebrews 11.  We know and love this great chapter, which highlights the faithful obedience of some of those Old Testament heroes.  Why does he spend 40 verses on this?

The author wanted to remind his readers of the great “cloud of witnesses” that had gone before and to urge his fellow Christians to follow in their faithful footsteps.  That would be so meaningful to these Christians of Jewish background. But then he circled back to his main point. He did not simply want his readers looking at their heroes of old, he wanted them “looking unto Jesus” (Heb. 12:1-2)!

Friend, are you struggling with your faith? Are you questioning things? Then spend some time—some serious time—“looking unto Jesus.” Investigate Him. Dig into the Bible. See if doing such doesn’t build you up.