Let's Go Back to the Bible

If there was only one question on the final exam

I have heard of teachers who give their students a wealth of material to study in preparation for an exam, and then when exam day arrives, there is only one question on the test. The students did all of that study and are asked only one question. I do NOT believe at all that the day of judgment will be like that (so do not misunderstand), but what if you arrived before the judgment seat of Christ and there was only one question on the “entrance exam”?

Suppose you stand before the Teacher, and He asks, “I only have one question: Did you practice 1 Peter 4:9?” You grab your Bible and anxiously flip to the verse and read it. If this was the one question Jesus asked you on judgment day, would your heart sink when you read the verse or rejoice? Here it is: “Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.”

Obviously, there is more required of us than just this one verse, BUT this one verse is required of us! If your entrance into heaven was dependent upon your hospitality, would you get to enter?