Let's Go Back to the Bible

“I think I should…”

“I think I should talk to people about the gospel. I think I should invite people to worship. I think I should ask someone if they’d like to have a Bible study. I think I should check on and encourage folks from church. I think I should tell the elders how much I appreciate what they do. I think I should study my Bible more often and pray more diligently.” Question: Is thinking I should do something the same as actually doing it? Is it good enough to think it but not do it?

Compare these thoughts: “I think I should eat more vegetables. I think I should get some exercise. I think I should reduce my calorie intake.” We realize that thinking we should do these things is not the same as actually doing them, and no benefit comes until action is taken.

There are things we know that we need to do as a Christian. Knowing is different than doing. May each of us examine ourselves and take this day as an opportunity step out of our comfort zone and act on our knowledge. The best part is that the Lord will help us (Phil. 4:13)!