Let's Go Back to the Bible

Do You Have a Secret Life, Hidden from Others?

Isn’t it remarkable how the use of smart phones has changed news reporting?  It seems that whenever there is a crisis, someone takes their phone and starts videoing. When it is placed on social media, it can almost immediately go viral. Secrets are revealed which just a few years ago would be hidden. The same is true of those times when microphones of politicians are accidently left open, and we hear the private views of our leaders. It seems that there are no secrets anymore.

However, there is an even greater aspect of this matter. The last verse of Ecclesiastes says, “For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil.” Look carefully at what is said—every work and every secret thing when we stand before the great throne of judgment. “And the dead were judged according to their works, but the things which were written in the books” (Rev. 20:12). Nothing will be hidden in that day.

Think about the possibility of what could happen in many homes in America. When voices are raised in confrontation between husband and wives, are things said which could easily be captured on cell phones? What if your husband or wife captured the words you said to them? What if that outburst of anger were no longer hidden? If you had known it was being recorded, would you have spoken what you said? How would others view you if they could view you at times like this? You walked away from that time thinking it was over for it was not public and it was not recorded. You were wrong. Heaven’s “smart phone” captured it, and God will bring every secret thing into judgment.

The same is true of all relationships in our homes. The conversation between parents and children could be captured. Would you as a mother or father, or a son or daughter, be the same if you knew it was being recorded? It is—every secret thing will be part of the final judgment.

What about whispered spreading of gossip or destructive speech? That which is seemingly secret or parts of private messaging or conversation is being “recorded”—every secret thing.

Now there is the other aspect of Solomon’s final words. It is not just the “secret evil” which we have done which will be involved. Every “secret good” we have done will be remembered on that day. There is no need to reveal what we are doing so others will think we are righteous. Every cup of cold water given to others is “recorded.”

Never forget that God knows it all—all the good and all the evil. There is a “heavenly smart phone.”