Let's Go Back to the Bible

How close to evil can I get?

The child of God must have nothing to do with evil! There is no place of any kind where evil is permitted in our lives! Consider how much the book of Proverbs has to say about this.

First, the wise man warns and condemns everyone who “desires evil” (Prov. 21:10), “devises evil” (12:20; 14:22), “seeks evil” (11:27), “pursues evil” (11:19), “brings about evil” (16:30) or “rewards evil for good” (17:13). This should not surprise us!

But, the wise man also calls upon followers of God to make sure that their walk is distinct. Note the clarity and potency of these declarations: “DEPART from evil” (3:7; 14:16; 16:6, 17), “do not DEVISE evil” (3:29), “do not WALK in the way of evil” (4:14), “REMOVE your foot from evil” (4:27), “HATE evil” (8:13), “do not be ENVIOUS of evil men” (24:1), “do not FRET because of evildoers” (24:19). “A prudent man FORESEES evil and HIDES himself” (22:3; 27:12). No wonder Paul tells Christians, “Abstain from EVERY form of evil” (1 Thess. 5:22). Are you?