Let's Go Back to the Bible

Excused absence

When you are provided with an “excused absence,” how do you respond? If someone is given an excused absence from school or work, they might rejoice and wish for more. But, if you were given an “excused absence” from assembling with the church to worship God, how would you respond? Would you respond in the same way as receiving an excused absence from school or work? Would you rejoice, be thankful and wish for more?

Or, would you be disappointed? Would your heart be crushed? Would you still worship, really worship, on your own? Would you pray and ask God (yea, beg God) to make your excused absence as short and temporary as possible? Would you feel completely empty?

What would you do to keep yourself from growing complacent, pleasantly accustomed, and even eager for more absences? What would you do to keep your “excused absence” from becoming an “unexcused absence”? These are things we must consider right now.