Let's Go Back to the Bible

Asymptomatic Christianity

A word that you’ve probably heard more often in recent years than in other parts of your life is the word “asymptomatic.” It is apparently possible for someone to have a virus but to not exhibit any symptoms, thus no one knows that the person is actually infected.

Such a condition has made me wonder if there are not some asymptomatic Christians today. These might be individuals who “are” Christians, because they have obeyed the plan of salvation in the New Testament, nevertheless there is nothing exhibited in their lives that would indicate to others that they are actually a Christian. Such a person may “look like” everyone else at work or school, “act like” everyone else, “talk like” everyone else. If they do anything that is “Christian,” it may be unknown to the majority of folks and thus appear to be “asymptomatic.”

Here’s a question: Could you be diagnosed, by people who know you, as a faithful Christian? Is it evident that Christ is in you and the Lord of your life? Think about it.