Let's Go Back to the Bible

Convenient Religion

There are “convenience stores” everywhere you go.  Some may not call them that anymore, but they are still “convenience stores” nonetheless.  Think about that name.  Why call it that?  The “convenience store” is a convenient place to stop and get something quick, without having to go out of one’s way or take more time than is absolutely necessary.  Here’s the question: Do we treat Christianity like a convenience store?  Are we looking for a short-cut, a quick-fix, a bare-minimum, a when-it-is-convenient-for-me religion?  Are we willing to be religious only when it fits our schedule and when its “on our way”?

Are you a Christian?  How should you treat your relationship with Jesus Christ?  How much of a priority should you give to your “Christian duties”?  Being a “Christian” and being a part of the “Christian” religion finds its origin and pattern in “Christ” Himself.  Did Jesus only do things when it was convenient?  Only when it was a good time?  Only when He could cut corners?  Think about it.

Jesus served His Father in heaven and His fellow man at all times, and not just when it was convenient! There were times when His “alone” time got interrupted by the needs of others (Matt. 14:23-25), and sometimes He was on His way to do one thing when someone else needed help (Luke 8:41-49).  Do you serve only when it is convenient (Gal. 5:13; 6:1-2, 9)?

Jesus prayed at all times of the day and night, and not just when it was convenient! He got up “a long while before daylight” to pray (Mark 1:35), and sometimes, He “continued all night in prayer” (Luke 6:12).  Do you pray only when it is convenient to you (Luke 18:1; Col. 4:2)?

Jesus loved at all times, and not just when it was convenient! He loved Judas, who was going to betray Him (John 13:1-5).  He loved the rich young ruler, who walked away from Him (Mark 10:21-22).  Do you love only when it is convenient for you (John 13:34-35; Matt. 5:44-48; 1 Cor. 13:4-7)?

Jesus is at worship all the time, and not just when it is convenient! Every time the church is singing (Heb. 2:12) and every time the church is partaking of the Lord’s Supper (Matt. 26:29), Jesus is there.  Do you worship only when it is convenient for you (Heb. 10:25)?

Jesus gave all that He could, and not just what was convenient! He gave “His life as a ransom” (Matt. 20:28), and offered “the sacrifice of Himself” to God (Heb. 9:26).  Do you give only what is convenient for you (Rom. 12:1; Phil. 4:18)?

Our relationship with Jesus is not to a “convenience” to fit into our lives, but the absolute core around which to fit our lives!  A religion of convenience is not the religion of Jesus!