Let's Go Back to the Bible

Let’s See How They Are Doing

Unquestionably, the apostle Paul was one of the greatest soul winners of all time!  We could learn a lot by trying to emulate his love for lost souls and his determination to teach the good news of “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2) to every individual he encountered (from the lowliest of slaves to the highest of kings).  But, there is something more we can learn from this great apostle.

Paul was not merely concerned with getting folks baptized.  Are we guilty of that sometimes?  Do we focus so much on the culmination of seeing someone immersed into Christ that we neglect to follow up in the days after their conversion?  When Paul was getting ready to embark on his second missionary journey, he said to Barnabas, “Let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they are doing” (Acts 15:36).  Did you catch that?  Let’s go and see how they are doing!  Their continued growth as babes in Christ was so critically important!

That reality has not changed!  Just as newborn babies need special care and attention until they grow to take care of themselves, so babes in Christ need special care and attention until they mature to a stronger faith in Christ.  They need this attention from the elders.  They need this attention from special programs in the church.  Truly, they need this attention from every member of the body of Christ.

Brethren, do you know someone who was recently converted to Christ?  Maybe in the last few weeks, but even in the last year or two?  Let us make up our minds to see how they are doing by:

1. Texting them.  Just a short note of encouragement from a fellow Christian can make a huge difference.

2.  Calling them.  A text is nice but hearing someone’s voice on the phone is even better.

3.  Sending them a handwritten card.  There’s something particularly effective about seeing a message in someone’s own handwriting.  In this card you could say, “Here’s something that has helped me as a Christian—to grow and to remain faithful.”

4.  Intentionally seeking them out at services.  Don’t just wait and “if we happen to run into each, I’ll say something.”  Make it a point to find them.

5.  Spend time with them outside of services.  Build a relationship with them, so that they truly feel a part of the family of God.  What you do for them, they will do for other converts.

Let’s decide today to go and see how they are doing!  Let’s decide today to help them to remain faithful!