Let's Go Back to the Bible

The Bible Under Attack, Again

“Do not move the ancient boundary which your fathers have set” (Prov. 22:28). A warning from the Proverbs that was set forth in Torah law. It carries with the concept of not moving the established teaching or thought on a matter. Today it seems almost fashionable to change established thought on a matter. Marriage, no longer just between man and a woman. Sexual identity, no longer just male and female. Moving the divinely appointed boundaries creates a ripple effect that cascades through our collective understanding. Another boundary was moved in Nashville, Tennessee recently.

Josh Scott, spiritual guru at the Grace Pointe Church, has claimed that the Bible is not the inspired and infallible work of God.  He stated that, “As Progressive Christians, we’re open to the tensions and inconsistencies in the Bible. We know that it can’t live up to impossible, modern standards. We strive to more clearly articulate what Scripture is and isn’t…The Bible isn’t: the Word of God, self-interpreting, a science book, an answer/rule book, inerrant or infallible. Rather, it is: a product of community, a library of texts, multi-vocal, a human response to God, living and dynamic” (Leonardo Blair, “The Christian Post”). He goes on to claim that the Bible contains things that are against the nature of God like genocide. People have used these passages to support segregation, slavery and white supremacy. This obviously received some backlash from the “Christian” community. It did receive praise from an unlikely source. Hemant Metha from the Friendly Atheist wrote, “Those are the words of someone who’s actually read the Bible. Good on him.”

The only thing mentioned about Mr. Scott’s concept of the Bible that is accurate is that is not a science book or even just a rule book. Beyond that he drops off the edge of understanding, established concepts and reasoning about the Scriptures. If you move this landmark into the realm of “a product of community, a library of texts, multi-vocal, a human response to God, living and dynamic,” then you have replaced Divine authority with human authority. This Bible is not God’s redemptive message to man, it is man’s concept of God. All hail the golden calf.

How should we respond? “Continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of…you have known the sacred writings which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation… All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable” (2 Tim. 3:14-16a). This is not the first religious organization to criticize the Bible. The Catholic church burned every English copy they could find when it was first translated, along with the people translating it. Truth will always win out. The Bible has had many critics, but they all eventually fade away.