Let's Go Back to the Bible

You never know…and you don’t need to

There are people all around you (folks you know and folks you don’t know) who are hurting for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re suffering from physical or medical ailments. Maybe they’re dealing with emotional struggles. Maybe they’re aching over family issues, relationship troubles, loneliness or uncertainties. Most (a very high percentage) of the hurts that people are experiencing are completely unknown and invisible to us. So, what can we do?  2019-03-06-You-never-know-and-you-dont-need-to

What if you: hold the door open for someone, smile at someone, say “Good morning,” say “Thank you,” say “Have a nice day,” call someone just to check on them, take time to warmly look someone in the eye when speaking to them, give someone a hug, shake a hand with a little extra meaning, let someone go in front of you in line, extend a courteous and helpful act that may only take a few seconds, ask if there’s anything you can do, ask if there’s something you can be praying for, “let your gentle spirit be known to all” (Phil. 4:5)? Give it a try!