Let's Go Back to the Bible

When I begin to think it’s all about me…

When I begin to think it’s all about me and that people should focus on me and do what’s best for me…are there perhaps some other things I should consider? Am I aware of the needs of others around me? Do I recognize that there are others around me who are seriously hurting—physically, emotionally and spiritually? Do I realize that I am not perfect and that I have areas where I myself need to improve? Have I considered the negative impact my attitude and expectations are having (or can have) on others? Is what I am doing and the way I am presenting myself going to draw people closer to Jesus and closer to heaven? How are my actions reflecting on the church and the cause of righteousness? Am I exemplifying the mind of Christ? Did Christ have this kind of attitude when He walked this earth? What changes would I need to make in my heart to be more others-focused than me-focused?

It’s never all about me! It’s first all about Jesus (Col. 1:18)! Then, it’s all about others (Phil. 2:3)!