Let's Go Back to the Bible

What do you do with something not fulfilling its purpose?

A screwdriver is created for a specific purpose. That’s not hard to figure out. A flashlight is also created for a purpose. A screwdriver cannot fulfill the flashlight’s purpose, nor vice versa. If the shaft of a screwdriver breaks or the batteries in a flashlight die, those devices cannot fulfill their intended purpose.

Fellow Christian, we have each been created for a specific purpose. We have been saved by the grace of God (Eph. 2:1-9), upon our obedience to His will, in order that we might become “His” (not our) “workmanship” (2:10). Now that we are “in Christ Jesus,” our created purpose is “for good works,” that we might devote our lives to regularly “walk” in those “good works.”

So, the question for each of us, as disciples of Christ, is – are we fulfilling our intended purpose? If a screwdriver or flashlight is not fulfilling its purpose, we either repair it or discard it. Do we need to be repaired? Should we be discarded? Are we working for the Lord? If not, we are delinquent in our created purpose!