Let's Go Back to the Bible

Use your words to make a positive difference

The young lady collecting money at the first drive-thru window was looking pretty down. She was wearing a mask and the afternoon sun was intensely hot that day. She was also wearing two medical bracelets to notify potential first responders of her serious medical issues. On top of all that, the drive-thru was painfully slow that day, as the restaurant was horribly understaffed. Was the slow service this young lady’s fault? Not in the least! But, guess who everyone had been taking their frustrations out on that day? This young lady, who was daring enough to get a job, when so many others are not working, in order to make some money to help her family.

Do you know what this young lady needed? Well, she needed what every other human being needs—a kind word of encouragement! Her countenance completely changed when one driver thanked her and took time to encourage her, while waiting for the line to move. Remember, “a good word (spoken in due season) makes [the heart] glad” (Prov. 12:25; 15:23). It only takes a few good words from you to change someone’s day!