Let's Go Back to the Bible

Stay positive

According to my personal, unscientific research, it is often easier to be negative than it is to be positive. Why is that? Have you also found that to be true? We are heavily influenced by our environment. When you turn on the television or go online, would you say that the majority of what you see and hear is negative or positive? When you reflect on your personal life, do you sometimes focus more on the problems, aches, pains, fears, uncertainties, crises, arguments, etc. than you do the blessings, joys, hopes, promises, gifts and presence of God?

Of all people on this earth, Christians ought to be the most positive people anywhere. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a bad day, or get stressed out, or be concerned about various circumstances. But, those of us who are in tune with Jesus have mountains of reasons to be positive in this life. Train your mind to think positively (Phil. 4:8). Train your words to speak positively (Ecc. 10:12). Let the salt and light of Christ-like living make the world around you a more positive place to be (Matt. 5:13-16).