Let's Go Back to the Bible

“Thankfully, it’s prayer night!”

When was the last time that you LOOKED FORWARD to going to midweek Bible study on Wednesday night? Hopefully that’s every week! But, do you truly “look forward” to it? Years ago, Wednesday night services were called “Prayer Meetings.” Gradually that changed to be called “Bible Study” or “Midweek Services.” But, is there still an emphasis on prayer?2019-10-30-Thankfully-its-prayer-night

One Wednesday morning recently, one faithful church member wrote an email that started with, “Thankfully, it’s prayer night! What mental state would we be in without prayers?” Do you ever start your Wednesday morning and think, “Thankfully, it’s prayer night!”? There is something special about (1) the church family gathering together (2) in the middle of the week, (3) in order to study God’s Word together and (4) to petition the throne of Almighty God together as a family!

May God help us to love praying “for” one another (Jas. 5:16) and “with” one another (Acts 12:12)! May God help all of us to say on Wednesday, “Thankfully, it’s prayer night!”