Let's Go Back to the Bible

“I almost didn’t come tonight, but I’m glad I did”

Sometimes a day doesn’t go well. Sometimes you may not feel 100%. Sometimes you’re wiped-out tired. Sometimes the “kids are acting up.” Sometimes you’ve “got a ton going on.” Sometimes it would be easier to not go to worship or Bible study than it would be to go. 2019-07-17-I-almost-didnt-come-tonight-but-Im-glad-I-did

If we measured everything by how we felt or by what would be easier, would we go to work? Would we pay the bills? Why do we sometimes treat worship and Bible study as an option that “I can take or leave,” but everything else in life (which is NOT my #1 priority) is essential?

Have you ever heard anyone say after worship or Bible study, “I almost didn’t come tonight, but I’m glad I did”? Being there is better than not being there, and we realize that by being there. Being in the presence of God and in the presence of God’s people is exactly what God intended it to be–a spiritual pick-me-up, a re-focus, a reminder, and an opportunity to be that person who unknowingly makes a difference for someone else who “almost didn’t come.”