Let's Go Back to the Bible

Parents have turned in their resignations!

Look around our nation today.  How much actual parenting is happening?  Moms and dads are relying on schools to do all the “important” teaching and letting the schools decide what is taught and how it is taught.  Moms and dads are letting the television, computer and video games serve as the babysitters and total entertainment services.  Moms and dads have permitted our society to influence and determine their means of discipline (or lack thereof).  Moms and dads have filled their own lives and schedules so full that they have relinquished much of their children’s rearing to the children themselves.  Moms and dads have allowed government agencies and social programs to dictate what food their children can eat, what they should believe about where they came from, what they should believe about moral issues, etc.

Parents (and grandparents), it’s time for parents to be the parents again!  It’s time for parents to bring their children up in the way they should go (cf. Prov. 22:6)!  It’s time for parents to take charge and take responsibility for the raising of their children!  Please don’t resign!