Let's Go Back to the Bible

Only the Scripture will do!

How can we convince people to follow God? How can we attract people to our church? How can we reach the people who seem to be the toughest to reach? 

What if we could do the unimaginable? What if we could do the most difficult of all miracles? What if we could raise someone from the dead? Now that would get people’s attention! Right?

In Luke 16, there was a man who thought that a person raised from the dead would be the very thing to convince his five brothers to change the course of their lives and turn to God. He was wrong! Abraham told him simply, “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them” (16:29). In other words, “Let them heed the Scriptures!” When the man pressed the issue, Abraham doubled down, telling him that if they do not heed the Scriptures, nothing else would matter (16:31). You see, only the Scripture will do! If we ever, ever stray from teaching the Scripture and using it as our only “drawing power,” God will not bless us in our efforts, and then…nothing else will matter!