Let's Go Back to the Bible

Intentional reminders

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, Joshua commanded that twelve stones be taken from the river and set up in Gilgal as a reminder to God’s people of the power of God, when they “crossed over this Jordan on dry land” (Josh. 4:22).  Reminders can be a powerful thing!  2019-06-05-Intentional-reminders

What sort of reminders can we establish today to help us to remember God’s will for our lives?  The wedding ring is a great reminder—it not only tells others that we’re married, but it should be a daily reminder to us of the vows we made to our spouse and to God.  One church member bought a sticker (like you would put on your mailbox) of the letter “C” and put it on the door leading to his garage, which he would walk through every day as he left the house.  Why a “C”?  As a reminder, when he saw it each morning, to see (“C”) souls everywhere he went that day.

Sometimes we need visual reminders to prompt our minds to think on things of eternal importance and to move us to action.  What reminders can you set up for yourself today?