Let's Go Back to the Bible

Hypothetical situations or random stories are not truth!

Sometimes when you’re talking to someone about a Biblical subject, they may bring up some hypothetical situation or tell some random (made-up) story that they think illustrates their particular position on that Bible subject. For example, someone may try to illustrate (with a story) how requiring conditions to be met does not then make something a gift or asking about a random situation where 2019-08-05-Hypothetical-situations-or-random-stories-are-not-truthsomeone died right before being baptized or using a horrible divorce episode to justify a remarriage. What can you do (or should you do)?

If you are in such a Bible discussion and someone brings up a “story” or a “situation,” THE KEY for you is to stick IN and WITH the Scripture. Stories and situations (true ones or hypothetical ones) are not the standard that determines truth (ever). The Bible is! God’s Word (i.e., His truth) does not change to fit a situation! Just keep going back to the Bible! “The Bible says…” “The Bible says…” Truth is truth regardless of who agrees with it or accepts it! Do not compromise truth because of a compelling story!