Let's Go Back to the Bible

How big is your God?

As human beings, we are limited to (and therefore, often focused upon) physical descriptions, physical measurements, physical time. However, one thing that we need to remember about our God is that He is not. He is not limited to physical anything, whether that be time or dimensions. What does that have to do with you today?

The Hebrew spies and the shepherd David saw giants, who were threatening to God’s people (Num. 13:33; 1 Sam. 17:4). So what? Since our God is not limited by physical size, He is infinitely “bigger” than all of our problems! Jesus and the apostle Paul taught Christians to not worry about tomorrow or to be anxious about anything (Matt. 6:25-34; Phil. 4:6-7). Why not? Our God is not limited by physical time; thus, He is already “there” in our “tomorrow” and taking care of it for us!

Rather than limit our God, let us seek to appreciate and trust His magnitude and His majesty!