Let's Go Back to the Bible

Bearing with the weak

Are you a “strong” Christian? Or, are you a “weak” Christian? Let’s ask that a different way. Are you a “mature” and “seasoned” Christian, who has firmly placed your faith in Christ and is seeking faithfully to serve Him? Or, are you a fairly “new” Christian or a Christian who has not matured as you should, and you’re still trying to learn some of elementary principles of Christ and to fortify your faith in the truth of the gospel and the inerrancy of God’s Word?

The Lord bids those “who are strong” to “bear the weaknesses” of those who are “weak” (Rom. 15:1). It is the responsibility of the “strong” to be patient, to stand beside, to encourage, and to be careful to not intentionally and unnecessarily bruise the conscience of the “weak” (Rom. 14:14-23). However, it is also the responsibility of the “strong” to help the “weak” to grow and mature, so that they too are able to discern essentials from non-essentials.

Be careful of a weak conscience, but also help to train it in the way of truth and true faith.