Let's Go Back to the Bible


What is that? What is 5-2-12? Is that a date? No! Is it a combination? No! In Matthew 14, there were 5,000 men (what a large crowd!) following Jesus, who did not have anything to eat. (Can you imagine how much food it would take to feed 5,000 men, plus women, children and a bunch of growing boys?!) But they found some food—5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. That’s hardly enough for one person, let alone over 10,000 people!

But with Jesus, that which is “not much” becomes “more than enough”! Jesus thanked God for the snack and gave it to the disciples to distribute. When all 10,000+ were “filled,” the disciples took up 12 baskets full. They finished with more than they started! (5-2-12!)

You know what? That’s the way the Lord works! He also finishes with more than He started! Look at creation: started with nothing, ended with everything. But, better yet, look at you! When we put ourselves in God’s hands, He will ALWAYS finish with more (and better and stronger) than He started! Are you truly in His hands?