Let's Go Back to the Bible

29% of the time

The northern kingdom of Israel had turned its back on God and was on the verge of falling. The Lord sent a rugged shepherd from the southern kingdom to plead with his rebellious people in Israel to repent and return to him. The prophet Amos warned that judgment was coming and they needed to “prepare to meet your God” (4:12). In the 146 verses of the book of Amos, we find the prophet using the expression, “says the Lord” (or an equivalent), in 43 verses (29% of the time). Think about that. 29 percent (and really it was more than that) of what Amos said to these lost people started or ended by him saying, “This is what the Lord says.”  2019-03-18-Twenty-nine-percent-of-the-time

Today we are living in a nation that has turned its back on God and seems on the verge of falling. God has sent His spokespersons (i.e., us) “into all the [rebellious] world” to plead with them to repent and turn to God, for judgment is coming. Now, what percentage of what you say to others begins or ends with, “The Bible says…”? Amos left us a great template. Is there anything more important for us than to tell people, “Here’s what the Lord says”?