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3. The Bible Really Is from God


Is there anything special about the Bible?  If so, can it be proven? There are certainly many different beliefs today about the Bible, but this is another topic that cannot be settled by personal opinions or feelings.  What does the evidence (if there is any) show (if anything)?  It may surprise you to know that the evidence for the divine origin of the Bible is incontrovertible when examined thoroughly and collectively.  Take a moment and consider just a few things for yourself.  Then, decide what the only reasonable conclusion is.

First, the Bible maintains complete unity from beginning to end. About 40 men from very diverse backgrounds and over a period of 1,600 years penned a book that remains united in the central theme and purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ to save mankind.  And the penmen accomplish this task without contradicting themselves a single time.  It’s hard to explain that from a human standpoint, but easy if it is God!

Second, the Bible is completely accurate in its every detail. The Bible is full of historical and geographical data that has been found, upon repeated examination by historians and archaeologists, to be factually accurate, even when put to harsh, biased tests.  (Many so-called “experts” set out with the purposeful intent to disprove the Bible, but they could not.)  No man could have got every single detail precisely right in a book this size, but God could!

Third, the Bible contains hundreds of predictive prophecies that were fulfilled with exact precision. The prophecies contained in the Bible were made hundreds of years in advance of their fulfillment and included details about specific people, places and events that were impossible for the writers (or any others) to have known about, let alone to have effected in any way the complete and precise fulfillment.  There is no human explanation for this, but God can explain it.

Fourth, the Bible includes staggering scientific foreknowledge. The writing of the Bible was completed more than 1,900 years ago, and yet there are scientific details in the book (including knowledge in the fields of astronomy, biology, medicine, oceanography, physics, etc.) that were not actually discovered by men until the last few centuries.  How could men record these scientific facts hundreds of years (and even thousands, in some cases) before other men ever discovered them?  The only reasonable answer is that man did not originate the words in the Bible, but God did!

The Bible is an amazing book!  It claims to be “inspired by God” (2 Tim. 3:16) and that no human could or did produce it on their own (1 Cor. 2:10-13; 2 Pet. 1:20-21).  It not only claims it; it proves it!  The overwhelming evidence contained therein leads to only one rational conclusion—the Bible did not come from man but it really did come from God!


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