Let's Go Back to the Bible

Watch Your Step

At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Where am I going?” Many of us have faced this question when looking at our lives. Our lives are full of big decisions and many of us have doubts about the directions we’ve taken. We need to be concerned with the paths we take. However, if we focus on “how” we walk, the “where” will be much easier.

In Ephesians 5:1, Paul tells us that we must be imitators of Christ. But how can you be a imitator of a perfect man? Paul says that it’s in the way we walk.

“Walk in love as Christ also has loved us” (v. 2-7). This means living sacrificially for the work of the gospel and rejecting worldly lusts. Do we prioritize love?

“Walk as children of light” (v. 8-14). Our lights must shine so brightly that we abstain from all the works of darkness and expose them. Our paths must be guided by light of goodness, righteousness and truth.

“Walk circumspectly” (v. 15-21). Keep your eyes open to unwise living. The wise man doesn’t waste his time on fruitless endeavors. He spends it on understanding what the will of the Lord is—not self-gratification, but the glory and honor of God.

We need to watch our steps. Are we following in the footprints of Jesus or the way of Satan?