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Think About This Before I Act (Part 3)

What motivates you?  What motivates you to do something?  What motivates you to not do something?  The word “motivation” can be defined as “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.”  What are your reason(s) for behaving in the way that you do?

As Christians we have numerous things that motivate us to do or not do certain things.  Sometimes we are motivated out of love, and other times we might be motivated out of fear.  Whatever the reason may be, the reality is that there is usually something that is driving our activity (or inactivity).  What thoughts go through your mind before you take some action?

As we consider how to better think before we act, we have already considered questions relating to (1) how my actions affect my relationship with God and (2) what influence my actions have on others.  Now, here is a question that may help us: Would I want Jesus to find me doing this?  This is not designed to invoke fear but reflection.

Would I want Jesus to find me…Talking to my parents this way?  Talking to my children this way?  Talking to my spouse this way?  Talking to my boss this way? 

Would I want Jesus to find me…Sending this email?  Sending this text message?  Writing this anonymous letter?

Would I want Jesus to find me…Drinking this drink?  Taking this drug?  Sitting in this bar?  Walking out of this liquor store?

Would I want Jesus to find me…Hanging around with and acting like these people?  Wearing this outfit?  Hooking up?  Engaging in this sexual activity with this person who is not my spouse?  Looking at these pornographic pictures or videos?

Would I want Jesus to find me…Watching this show or movie?  Being entertained by this immoral behavior?  Laughing at this sinful display?

Would I want Jesus to find me…Stealing this?  Lying about this?  Misleading someone to believe an untruth?  Using this filthy language?

Would I want Jesus to find me…Skipping church?  Staying up so late on Saturday night that I don’t go to church on Sunday?  Devising justifications for forsaking the assembly, straying from the church, filling my time with worldly things rather than godly things?

Would I want Jesus to find me…Being ashamed to talk about Him?  Being hesitant to invite someone to worship?  Neglecting to try to teach someone the gospel? 

A variety of things may motivate me as a Christian, but Jesus should be my ultimate focus.  I need to ask myself, “Would I want Jesus to see this?”