Let's Go Back to the Bible

60,000 Americans Likely to Die of Coronavirus

The “Grim Reaper of Death” is sweeping through our land. It now appears that the coronavirus will kill 60,000 fellow Americans. We probably are thinking more of death than we have in a long time. If you have not been thinking of it, it might be wise for each of us to realize how uncertain life is. It might be wise to think of the importance of spiritually preparing for that time when the Grim Reaper knocks at our door.

A Google search will show how active that “Reaper” is in our land. The most recent numbers showing how many Americans die each year are from 2018. In that year 2,839,205 citizens died. Every month an average of 233,340 crossed to the other side. The number who passed from this life to face the judgment of God was 7,778 each day.

As a nation, we are concerned about how many will die because of coronavirus but seem to have no interest at all in others who are being killed. We became aware of COVID-19 in January, and about 16,000 Americans have died because of it. Think of that number and contrast it with the fact that during that same period of time over 236,000 abortions have been performed in America. Nothing is said about these deaths, but the news constantly updates virus deaths. To see the truth about how many abortions are being performed, I urge you visit the website, www.numberofabortions.com, where you will find the actual up to the minute numbers who have been killed. A new clock is set as you open the site showing how many have died since you opened it. The value of all life hardly exists in our land.

A second lesson to be learned from the stats about the “Grim Reaper” is the importance of getting the gospel to the lost. Think about this. Since you began reading these words over twenty Americans have died! Almost that many more will die before you finish reading the entire article! The tragedy of this is that the vast majority of them will die separated from God.

Our task is not to save the world. The Great Commission does not teach that we are to go and convert the world. It does not command us to go and baptize the world into Christ. That commission is simple. Our task is to make sure we do all we can to teach the world and give every creature a chance to know about our Savior.

We pray for God to use us to reach others. Knowing that this virus and the vast number who will die from it has many thinking about death opens doors before us. When you call others to check on them, why not humbly ask if they have thought about dying from this virus, and if they did would they be saved?