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Killed for his devotion to sharing the Word

In 1525, William Tyndale produced the first translation of the Greek New Testament into the English language. For the first time ever, those who spoke English could read God’s Word in their own language. The governing and religious authorities in England were furious, and they sought to do away with the English Bibles and with Tyndale. He was arrested in 1535 and was condemned for heresy in 1536. On October 6, 1536, Tyndale (at the age of 42) was bound to a stake, strangled by a noose and burned. All of this happened because the governing and religious authorities did not want God’s Word in the hands (or hearts) of the people.  2019-03-20-Killed-for-his-devotion-to-sharing-the-Word

What would you be willing to do (and endure) to get the Word of God into the hands and hearts of people who so desperately need it? Would you give them a Bible, a tract, a booklet, a link to an article, a link to a sermon? Would you be willing to endure ridicule, exclusion, rejection in an effort to get the truth of God’s Word to those who don’t have it? Authorities today are not very favorable toward the spreading of God’s Word, but will that hinder you?