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Do you see what I see?

When the air conditioner in your home goes out in the middle of summer, it is a major catastrophe and demands immediate attention. But, have you ever taken time to consider those who do not have a/c or cannot afford to run it? When the folks in the drive-thru at the fast food restaurant mess up your order (again), it is a horribly frustrating event that can ruin your whole day. But, have you ever taken time to think about those who only wish they had enough money to get something at the drive-thru today?

Perspective. It's a vanishing trait in our society. To perceive what it is like to be another person or to recall that there are other people less fortunate than you can be a difficult undertaking, but it is essential for one who wears the name of Christ. Think about Jesus. The Son of God emptied Himself and became a human (Phil. 2:6-8), so the He might see things from our perspective (Heb. 4:15; 2:17-18). If Jesus would (and could) do that, shouldn't we! For the next month, try to see life through other people's eyes. It will change how you see the world!