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Letting Blessings Destroy You Dan Jenkins 66
Conversation on the Tarmac David Sproule 74
Adrift Josh Blackmer 59
“You Shall Die and Not Live” Dan Jenkins 71
Only One “Time” Zone David Sproule 68
Where Are the Nine? Josh Blackmer 54
All His Words Dan Jenkins 58
“Dear Friend, I Found Eternal Life” David Sproule 38
Do You Remember? Josh Blackmer 51
Jesus, Jots and Tittles Dan Jenkins 68
“Dear Friend, I Found the Church” David Sproule 57
A Scene Beside the Lake Josh Blackmer 60
“Dear Friend, I Found Salvation” David Sproule 59
New Study Shows Josh Blackmer 86
And in His law he meditates . . . 28 days Dan Jenkins 62
“Dear Friend, I Found Love” David Sproule 57
Apple, the Forbidden Fruit Josh Blackmer 45
“Traditions” or Traditions Dan Jenkins 74
Having a True “Happy New Year” Dan Jenkins 119
“Dear Friend, I Found Jesus” David Sproule 92

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