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What Are You Talking About? Dan Jenkins 488
Prophecy Never Came By the Will of Man David Sproule 517
Zealous for Good Works Dan Jenkins 720
Six Hours David Sproule 500
A Christian’s Reaction to Stressful Times Dan Jenkins 514
Jesus and the Father in the Book of John Dan Jenkins 454
Sherman’s Story – A Lesson for All of Us David Sproule 411
Should We Preach Jesus and Ignore Doctrine? Dan Jenkins 443
7 Ways My Home Is Better Because of the Lectureship David Sproule 371
God’s Existence Shown in Your Body Dan Jenkins 379
A Time of Transition David Sproule 478
My Friend and His Text Messages Dan Jenkins 588
Three Questions to Keep Your Worship Focused David Sproule 454
Dish TV or Directv? Dan Jenkins 740
“If you weren’t my brother, I’d…” David Sproule 417
A Dangerous Pitfall for Elders, Deacons, Preachers and Church Leaders Dan Jenkins 445
Downsizing and Cutting Back? You Aren’t? Are You? David Sproule 407
The Fundamentals of Withdrawing Fellowship (Part 5 of 5) David Sproule 447
The Key Which Opens the Door of Salvation Dan Jenkins 430
Church Leadership After the Apostles Died Dan Jenkins 539

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