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A Challenge—Reissued! David Sproule 626
The Last Bulletin of the Year Dan Jenkins 494
You’d Better Watch Your Mouth—God Is! David Sproule 691
He Offered, But They Were Not Willing Dan Jenkins 612
Following the Footprints of Jesus Dan Jenkins 671
What a Friend We Have David Sproule 647
The Presidential Secret File Dan Jenkins 579
Salvation God’s Way—Can a Christian Lose His Salvation? David Sproule 483
Our Impersonal World Dan Jenkins 579
A Team Effort—One of the Joys of Christianity! David Sproule 524
Thank God for Challenges! Dan Jenkins 606
Salvation God’s Way—How Can One Remain Saved? David Sproule 430
Thank God for Our Deacons! Dan Jenkins 503
Salvation God’s Way—What Must Man Do? David Sproule 470
Is There Anything More Tragic Than This? Dan Jenkins 477
Salvation God’s Way—Who Can Be Saved? David Sproule 458
Thank God for Lectureships! Dan Jenkins 435
“Consider Yourself Warned” Dan Jenkins 579
Salvation God’s Way—Who Is Lost? David Sproule 527
Before the Womb and After the Tomb Dan Jenkins 568

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