Let's Go Back to the Bible

1. Foundational Questions Must Be Answered


Life.  It is the one thing (no matter who we are) that we all have in common.  But, have you ever stopped to think about it?  At some point in our existence on this earth, the thought will likely cross each person’s mind—What is life all about? That’s an important question—don’t you think?  But, once you’ve asked the question, how do you determine the answer?  How do you know what source or sources to trust in your search for a reasonable response to such a fundamental question?  As you contemplate that, consider for just a moment that there are three foundational questions that we must ponder in our quest for understanding “life.”

First, each person must ask (and answer), “Where am I from?” This is not asking in what city or state were you born.  This is asking, where did life come from? Are you the result of a tiny particle exploding billions of years ago?  Are you the result of something inorganic and nonliving becoming organic and living?  Are you the result of a single-celled organism evolving into the complex human machine you are today?  Are you the result of mere chance, happenstance and randomness?  Or are you the result of a meticulous, precise design and creation of human life?  You must be able to answer the question of your origin.  Human life had a beginning!  What was it?

Second, each person must ask (and answer), “Why am I here?” This is not asking why you are presently in your specific location.  This is asking, what is the purpose of life? Are you here to fulfill your greatest pleasures?  Are you here to do whatever you want to do?  Are you here without any specified purpose of any kind?  Or are you here for a specific reason, and is that specific reason something that is tied back to your origin and to the one who gave you life?  Human life has a purpose!  What is it?

Third, each person must ask (and answer), “Where am I going?” This is not asking about your plans for the rest of your day or week or year.  This is asking, what is going to happen when life on this earth is over? Is there anything beyond death?  Is the graveyard your final destination?  Will you cease to exist completely when you take your last breath on this earth?  Is the limited and short life that you have now all that you will ever have and all that you were meant to have?  Or is there life after death waiting for you?  Will you continue to exist in a non-material realm once you are done with life on this material realm?   Human life has an ultimate destination.  What will it be?

These three foundational questions either have a definite answer or they are not meant to be answered at all.  Which do you think is the case?  If they do have a definite answer, then we’re back to where we started—how do you determine the answer, and how do you know what source to trust?  In this series, you will be able to use a proven source to confidently answer each of these questions.  But, don’t take my word for it.  Check it out yourself!


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