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5. Jesus Really Is the Son of God


Who is Jesus? That is a question that everyone must face!  But we cannot base our conclusions on the various opinions of our modern day, for people have all sorts of different ideas about Jesus today.  What does the evidence show?  It is historically verified that Jesus of Nazareth really lived on this earth and had a tremendous impact on mankind.  (The influence of His life still resonates to this day.)  But Jesus was more than just a mere man!  When the evidence is impartially examined, you will find that it is hard to escape this undeniable truth— Jesus is the Son of God!

First, Jesus fulfilled 332 prophecies that were made in the Old Testament. This fact is just astonishing.  The prophecies were specific, detailed predictions made hundreds of years before Jesus was ever born (some more than 1,000 years earlier).  One scientist and mathematician calculated that the chance of one man fulfilling just 48 prophecies was 1 in 10157.  But Jesus fulfilled 332 prophecies exactly and completely!  There is no human explanation for that!  This truth proves that Jesus is precisely who He claimed to be—the promised Messiah of the Old Testament (i.e., “the Christ, the Son of the living God” [Matt. 16:16; cf. Acts 2:36]).

Second, Jesus performed many astonishing miracles. He had power on this earth that was truly supernatural!  There is no human explanation for the wonders that Jesus did on this earth!  He demonstrated power over nature (like calming a storm), power over disease (like healing the blind), power over demons (by casting them out of people) and power over death (by raising people from the dead).  These mighty works were recognized to be the power of God (John 3:2; Acts 2:22), and they proved to every honest observer that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (John 20:30-31).

Third, Jesus was raised from dead. Jesus died on a Friday afternoon, and to make sure that He was dead, soldiers thrust a spear through His side.  Blood and water poured forth.  They buried Him in a friend’s tomb, and early on Sunday morning that tomb was empty.  While many explanations have been offered for the empty tomb (and even secular historians have had to admit the tomb was occupied on Friday and Saturday, and then empty on Sunday), all human conjecture has failed to explain all of the evidence.  The only reasoned explanation for the empty tomb (when examined honestly and without any prejudice) is that God truly raised Him from the dead, which “declared [Him] to be the Son of God with power” (Rom. 1:4).  This truth must be reckoned with by every living soul!

Jesus was (and is) no ordinary man!  All of the evidence, when weighed in the balance, points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that He is the Son of God, which means that He deserves our respect and our obedience.  The inspired Word of the God of heaven establishes the deity of Jesus Christ!

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