Let's Go Back to the Bible

“All the church stuff is kind of inconvenient”

So, there’s Bible class on Sunday mornings and Bible class on Wednesday nights. There’s worship on Sunday mornings and worship on Sunday nights. There are various other events (for the 2019-08-28-All-the-church-stuff-is-kind-of-inconvenientwhole church or certain segments of the church) a couple times during the month. Then, there may be certain “favors” that deacons or elders or members ask to be done.

“You know what,” some members have been known to say, “that’s just too much. I don’t have time for all of this. This is getting pretty inconvenient. We need to cut back on this church stuff.”

Friends, what are we allowing (and, more accurately, intentionally planning) to dominate our schedules? Even if you added up all of the things mentioned in the first paragraph (and round it up), that might (at the v-e-r-y most) reach 7-8 hours per week for “church stuff.” That’s barely 4% of your week. Friend, is that too much time to give to God? Do you need to cut that back? Let’s each one honestly evaluate (1) how we view “church stuff” and (2) how much we are actually doing for Him.