Let's Go Back to the Bible

Love being loved or being in love?

It is important for young people and young couples (although it is not exclusive to those who are young) to understand and appreciate the difference between (1) loving the fact that someone loves you and (2) actually being in love with someone (exclusively) to the point of wanting to put him/her and his/her needs above your own for the rest of your life. This is critical to assess in your own heart before committing to marry and devoting yourself to someone!

But, consider that this applies to your relationship with God, as well. Are you in a relationship with God and wanting to be with Him because (1) you love being loved by Him and receiving all the benefits that come with that or (2) because you truly love Him and want to put Him and His desires above your own for the rest of your life? The first is focused on a relationship with God because of (1) what I get out of it, rather than (2) what I can give to Him.

Take a measurement. Why do you love? Why do you love who you love?