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Why do bad things happen? Because of people!

It's interesting how everyone wants to blame God when bad things happen, instead of blaming the ones who cause the bad things--people! As a loving, benevolent God, He created every person with free will--the ability to choose for oneself how to live and what to do or not do. Of course, He wants us to use that free will to search for Him, find Him and serve Him (Acts 17:26-27), but as a loving, benevolent Creator, He does not interfere when we choose otherwise.

Bad things happen because people have a right to choose their own actions, and all actions (whatever they are) have consequences. If God removed someone's free will when they were going to do something bad, then man's free will would be constantly stripped from him, negating the wisdom of ever giving free will in the first place.

When bad things happen, don't blame God! He doesn't want them to happen, either! But, He allows His creation to make their own choices, and hopefully learn from the bad ones.